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Doctor Dances Rose/Nine Picspam

Okay, so I was rewatching "The Doctor Dances," pretty much completely for that ONE SCENE. Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about. The one that makes us shippy fangirls turn into little puddles of helplessly, shrilly squeaking goo. Or is that just me?

It's brilliantly written and brilliantly acted and just brilliant all round and I love it and every two seconds it makes my head explode. And there was just no suitable way to channel all that head-explosion and be able to get on with my homework than to make a picspam. Right then. 

So I put it half together and then forgot about it. But now it is finished! Enjoy.

Screencaps are from http://chriseccleston.com, the only place I could find that obsessively screencapped every single changing facial twitch of poor beleaguered Nine in this scene.

I give you...


Meanwhile, at the Lost Shipper's Cafe

"Alright, lessee here. For 'Skate,' I've got the soup of the day, cream of angst, with some will-they-won't-they on rye. 'Juke,' you ordered a cheeseburger with extra flimsy-pretext-for-a-relationship and a side order of UST, is that right? Okay, good, enjoy your meal.

Oh, almost forgot! A 'Booyah!' on the rocks for Juke, and for Skate, a tall, cold 'In your FACE, suckahs'. No charge--compliments of table number three."

*From table three, Sawyet smiles and waves*



Do-It-Yourself happy

Bad skin. (Wasn't I supposed to stop getting breakouts in high school?)

Bad weather. (Why does the rain smell like fish?)

Bad classes. (How do you make an annotated reenactment documentary about early Japan boring?)

But over lunchtime I grabbed my brother and we took a bus to the Park Central library. I had exactly enough to buy us both hot chocolates at the adjoining coffee shop, which we drank while we shared the daily comics from somebody's abandoned newspaper. Then, over an hour, we finished the bag of jelly beans in my backpack, while we each read, on a cozy couch.

Sometimes you have to make your own good day.


I need to go to Jeremy Davies rehab.

I have a thing for skinny geeks with touchable hair. I do. I admit this. In fact, I admit that my "thing" sometimes borders upon an unnatural fixation. This fact is brought into sharp focus by my recent obsession with the character Daniel Faraday from Lost, whom I love and am going to marry.

Well. It turns out that the guy who plays Daniel Faraday, Jeremy Davies, is himself a skinny geek and does a lot of playing them in movies. And while his hair seems to vary much between roles, it is as a rule extremely touchable. And here I present to you what is, apparently, Jeremy just being his own Jeremy self  (may I add here what an appropriately adorable name 'Jeremy' is?) since these pictures are from the "behind the scenes" section of the Jeremy Davies fansite photo album, in something called "Plus One." If you know what this is I would like to know too.

WARNING! If you have a thing for skinny geeks with touchable hair, viewing these photos unprepared could cause INSTANT DEATH.

But oh, what a way to go.Collapse )


Writer's Block: Cookies

What is the strangest advice you've ever received from a fortune cookie?
"Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips."

At least five years ago, I think. I still have it. It was just that awesome.

Road Trip! (meme grabbed from fialleril)

Yeah I only just got it finished. I'm fail that way. I THINK IT KNOCKED SOMETHING LOOSE THOUGH, I JUST KEEP FRIGGIN' WRITING ^_^ Bye-bye dry spell--I am not sorry to see you go!

You’ve somehow acquired a magical dimension-splicing conversion van and are planning an epic cross-country road trip with your friends and fandom. First, pick ten travel buddies from anywhere -- real life, fiction, OCs, celebrities, whatever. Then answer these questions to see how cracktastic your adventure turns out to be.

1. Naomi
2. Loppy
3. Canin (my brother)
4. The Fourth Doctor (Doctor Who)
5. The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
6. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
7. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
8. Princess Leia Organa (Star Wars) (Not copying, really! XD Canin and I have just been talking a lot about this pair as we get ready to launch our Star Wars RP site.)
9. Lasaraleen Loni (Star Wars OC)
10. James "Sawyer" Ford (Lost)

Cracktastic Road Trip Adventures under cutCollapse )


Mission Unaccomplished

Well, it's three days into the spring semester. Let's see how Mission Try-Not-To-Be-Such-A-Screwup is going, shall we?

Things I have screwed up:
Forgot overdue library book: Day 1
Forgot cell phone: Day 2
Forgot notebook: Day 3

Things I have not yet screwed up:
Forget textbook(s)
Forget to do reading(s)
Forget deodorant
Forget to brush teeth
Forget makeup
Forget to wear or bring a short-sleeved shirt on the days I work (hot office)
Forget to call for a ride home
Lose coat
Lose hat/scarf/gloves
lose textbook(s)
lose notebook
Lose phone
Turn in something late
Make dad late for work

Updates will be provided as necessary.

Ahhh, psychology. Helping us convince ourselves that we can become completely different people with little to no effort since 550 BC!

It started with a banner ad for that "Mind Master" subliminal messages program. I click on it, it looks amusing. But of course it's $34.99 or something, that's no good. However, since the #2 purpose of the internet is to Give Me Stuff For Free (the #1, largely related purpose being to Entertain Me Without Requiring Effort On My Part), I ask my good friends Google and Limewire for the closest substitutes. And further information. And related items. And "if you are interested in this download, you might also try..."

Cut for excessive evidence that when I do something, I do it ALL THE WAY.Collapse )

Resolutions 2009

I know it's a little late in coming, but I've finally pinned down my resolutions for 2009 and have come to record them and thus reduce my wiggle room. Here they are, in order:

Cut for length, but also for being sort of depressing. o_oCollapse )